Why did Christ die for us?

What was the purpose of Jesus’ dying and being raised to forgive our sins? In other words, by forgiving our sins what was Jesus’ goal?

St. Paul ansewrs this question and he answers it quite directly.Open Bible

Join Pastor Mark Anderson as he unpacks the scriptures surrounding this question by looking at some verses in Romans and Galatians.

It’s only about a half an hour and I believe you will really enjoy this abbreviated version of the class.

   click here to listen to the Class  

Did you think Pastor Mark’s class answered the appropriate questions, or did it leave things a bit fuzzy with respect to the main question at hand?

10 Responses

  1. Steve, I shall listen soon with interest. Don’t know if Pastor Mark touches on this or not, but if we are God-centered, as we ought, did not Jesus die to (first and foremost) uphold the righteousness of God?

    In other words, Jesus died for God, not in the sense to atone for God’s sin, but in the sense that bearing the wrath of God, He upheld the justice of God…then removed the sinner’s just condemnation?

    Always remember God is first and foremost…and man reaps the concommitant benefilt!

    yea? nay? somewhere in between?

  2. DannyO.,

    If it were about upholding the righteousness of God (first and foremost) why would Christ have to die. Would not the deaths and eternal punishments of mankind do just that?

    It seems to me that there is another reason beneath the righteousness of God, for the death on the cross.

    So, I guess what I’m asking is why did Jesus atone for sin? Why did He remove our just condemnation?

    What other motive could there be?

    Hey, this is gettting pretty good! Thanks Danny!

    – Steve

  3. i guess I meant vindicating the righteousness of God in the forgiving of sinners…i think??

  4. DannyO.,

    I see what you mean.

    Everything you’ve said adds up and I believe all those things are true and more than that, they ought be on our minds.

    I guess I was coming at it from another angle. Love.

    I think that God did not have to do this great thing for us, and that His righteousness would have remained in tact and no one would have questioned His right to wipe us all out.

    But that He loved us so much that He sent His Son.

    And that His Son desired us to be free of the accusation and condemnation of the law and also free to live in the here and now, as righteous children of God without having to be religious, and pretentious about being something that were are not.

    So, as St. Paul says in Gal. 5:1, “For freedom Christ has set us free…”

    Good stuff Danny! You brought up points that I wasn’t even thinking about, but certainly ought to from time to time.

    – Steve

  5. Oh, cool! You guys are putting up the classes! Is this one of the two you just sent me? I’m going to listen later tonight with my husband.

  6. Lucciola,

    Hey there kiddo! Well, we are trying to put up at least some bits of the classes.

    Yes, the one here is part of the one that I sent to you.

    I’ll dig up a few more and send them up to you soon.

    Thanks for checkin’ in!

    – Steve

  7. This is so good.

    If a person believes this with all their heart, they would be set free—completely.

  8. Presence of God’s Word, Sacraments and we are all saints (and sinners) and called. Beautiful.

  9. Trust God’s Word (trust).

  10. Glad you are enjoying the classes, Magdalene.

    I’ll try and put a few more up in the coming weeks.

    – Steve

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