Claire’s First Communion!

Today is a very blessed day indeed, in the life of one Miss Claire O’Connor.

Claire, the daughter of Mark and Mary Margaret O‘Connor and sister of Garrett O’Connor, will be making her 1st Communion and recieving the body and blood of our dear Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The importannce of this occassion cannot be overstated as it is for the first of many, many times that Claire will recieve Christ as He strengthens, comforts, sanctifies, forgives and makes her into the person that He would have her be. All this He does for Claire in the partaking of His Holy Supper.

 My prayer is that Claire will always remember this day and cherish it as a day in which her Lord acted in a very personal way for her, not just for today but for the rest of her life.

So, congratulations to Claire, and the O’Connor and Davies clans as they gather to celebrate the First Communion of Claire and bask in the Glory that is our dear Lord Jesus.