On Death to Self

Pastor Tullian Tchvidjian of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, FL has a post up http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/tullian/2011/08/13/on-death-to-self/?comments#comments  on the importance and ramifications of dying to yourself.


Pastor Tchvidjian has discovered Gerhard Forde and has been reading quite a lot of him as of late.

While there are things we can do to get out of ourself that will free us for the neighbor, and we ought try and do those things, I believe that God isn’t relying upon when it comes to putting ourselves to death.

I left a comment about Romans and Baptism over there (as I have done before), but the discussion usually ends up back in the arena of what we should be doing, saying or feeling.

Am I being too Lutheran persnickity about the external Word which acts for us and upon us, or is a little talk about ways we can die to the self alright?






Calling all Calvinists…calling all Lutherans…

I know a bit about each of these branches of Christianity…but46492 Luther och Calvin 170109 by Gunnar E. probably not nearly as much as many of you.

What are the main differences in the two theologies?

We were discusing some of the differences over at a friend’s blog and I realized that maybe my understanding isn’t all that great.

Have you any thoughts on the matter?