Larry D. Hughes’ New Blog


 Larry (the Kentucky Lutheran) Hughes is a brand new addition to the Christian blogesphere!

Check out Larry’s blog and give him what for (he loves it)!

  click here:  The-Sacrament-Is-The-Gospel

I’d like to wish Larry happy and prosperous (for the Kingdom) blogging! 

I hope that you good folks will pop in there once in awhile and catch some of Larry’s good  thoughts on the Christian faith…and whatever else he chooses to write about….and add your 2 cents worth.

My only hope is that Larry will learn to break out of his shell and that he will be able to write more than a few short sentences on the topic at hand.  😀

Congratulations on your new blog, Larry!

  Your friend and brother in Christ,

                                       – Steve M.  (the Old Adam)


Any advice for Larry as he begins his blogging journey?