Two HUGE issues for a proper understanding of the Christian faith, and assurance, and freedom


If you get one, or both of these issues wrong…then you will be sent inward for your assurance.

If you have a proper understanding of both, then you can forget about looking inward and instead look outside of yourself…to God…and HAVE REAL ASSURANCE.

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click Two HUGE ISSUES in a proper understanding of the Christian faith




 Too many in the church have never heard these things…and need to hear them.

 Too much is at stake.


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No Baptism cake for Jesus.

Instead of having a nice party, the Holy Spirit led Jesus out into the wilderness to meet…the devil.

Well, that’s a fine ‘how do ya do’ for the Son of God.

What then does this mean for you, and where you are being led by the Spirit? What does this mean for your Baptism?


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Differing views on what ‘faith’ is



Quite an interesting and informative class on how differing Christian traditions view ‘faith’.

In this class, Pastor Mark is focusing mostly on the differences between the Lutheran understanding, and the Roman Catholic understanding.


click here   The understanding of ‘faith’ differs for Lutherans and Catholics>>



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Welcome to Lent. Welcome to first things.

Sermon for Ash Wednesday, 2012:


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Part 2 of the class on reading Paul through ‘a grace scheme’, instead of a ‘legal scheme’.


If you haven’t listened to part 1 of this class (the previous post),  you probably should do that first, then this part will make more sense to you.


click THE question that precipitated the Reformation (part 2)





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Here it is… THE question that precipitated the Reformation.

St. Paul.   Origen.   Augustine.   Luther.   How to find a God of grace and mercy?    Reading St. Paul through a legal scheme, and why most churches today still do that.

 This is one class that you should listen to, if at all possible.

 Whether you agree with everything in it is not the point. But that you’ll have a greater understanding of why we believe as we do and why we hold to the pure gospel as God’s will for sinners, apart from anything that we do.


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THE question that precipitated the Reformation  – part 1  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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Razzle-dazzle experiences of Jesus


They went up on top of the mountain to pray…and then suddenly all Heaven broke loose.

Listen in and have the Word of God actually done to you…in law…and gospel:


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Thanks to Pastor Mark Anderson of Lutheran Church of the Master, Corona del Mar, CA.