Two HUGE issues for a proper understanding of the Christian faith, and assurance, and freedom


If you get one, or both of these issues wrong…then you will be sent inward for your assurance.

If you have a proper understanding of both, then you can forget about looking inward and instead look outside of yourself…to God…and HAVE REAL ASSURANCE.

  Listen to this one:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

click Two HUGE ISSUES in a proper understanding of the Christian faith




 Too many in the church have never heard these things…and need to hear them.

 Too much is at stake.


Thanks, once again to Pastor Mark.

And thank you to flickr and  ~.Erica.C.~,  for the photo.





2 Responses

  1. This was my story. But late in life so many things did not add up. I was never around people who talked about our wills being bound. Decisional Christianity was IT. Years ago I was reading Oswald Chambers daily devotional and I will never forget this. It took me years to disbelieve it…He said and I quote “God does not give us overcoming life, He gives us life as we overcome”. That is the gist of a graceless Gospel. IMHO.
    One other argument I have heard so often in support of the free will position. There cannot be love where there is no freedom to choose. I say horsefeathers. I love Him because He has loved me, a very great sinner.
    I love listening to Pastor Mark. Undiluted Gospel.

  2. Mary,

    “Horsefeathers”. Now that is as great a description of the doctrine of “free-will” as I have ever heard! 😀

    Our ‘wills’ do choose…but they always choose to sin.

    I highly recommend Luther’s ‘The Bondage of the Will” for an in depth examination of our ‘wills’ and what they are up to.

    Thanks so much, Mary.

    – Steve

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