A couple of ‘new’ Christian blog sites


Our friend, David at Five Pint Lutheran   http://fivepintlutheran.blogspot.com/   

 has started a new blog, titled  


Please don’t confuse our Lord with those who profess to follow Him.


Here’s his description of it: 

‘Offence will happen when sinners rub shoulders with other sinners. The theme to my new blog is an examining how that happens and good news for those who may offend other Christians. http://fivepintlutheran2.wordpress.com/ This is the address. I do not have 10 ways to overcome offenses but have spoke with many offended Christians. Some of these offended Christians will not attend worship or even fall into unbelief. Good news is that Jesus offended without sin and this is credited to us through faith. His holy life,his innocent suffering under the wrath of God and his glorious resurrection we have forgiveness. Let us trust this good news and strive to live in it. In the name of Jesus. Amen. †

 Thank you, St. David!  I enjoy your new site and know that many others will enjoy it and benefit from it , as well.

     – Steve (the Old Adam) Martin


Secondly, here’s one that I started as an optional access to Pastor Mark’s daily devotions.

It’s  1minutedailyword.com  (I fixed the link)


If you could visit these sites and think about passing them along to friends, family, and the occassional enemy…we’d appreciate it.




Thanks to flickr and Elena777, for the photo.