‘The Lutheran Difference’ ( a repost )


This class is on ‘ The Lutheran Difference’.  Pastor Mark is teaching from and expounding on a piece written by the late Dr. George Forell.

Dr. Forell maintained that there were three main differences that distinguished Lutherans from almost all other Christian denominations.




Listen in to hear what these 3 differences are:

         click here>  Three distinct differences in Lutheranism


Dr. Forell just recently went to be with the Lord, April 29th, 2011.



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Christmas 2011

Here’s the Christmas Eve sermon, 2011, that Pastor Mark delivered to the congregation and visitors at Lutheran Church of the Master, Corona del Mar, CA. 

 A reading from the Gospel of John, and the children’s sermon are included this time, as well.




 click here > Christmas Eve sermon 2011




Thanks, Pastor Mark.
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The Savior is born!

             Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!




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The root of our objections to the complete and total grace of God

Even some of the Lutherans in the class had a bit of trouble with this one. 

A couple of times during the class Pastor Mark asked the question, “You still want to be a Lutheran?”


click >The root of the Old Adam’s resistance to unconditional grace




Thanks for the class, Pastor Mark.

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Law…or Grace? We don’t want either one.


Pastor Mark’s sermon for the 4th Sunday of Advent:

click here > Law…or Grace?…We don’t wan’t either one.



Free-will Christians ought to get reaquainted with the God of the Bible.”

(I liked that line that was in the sermon)



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“The idea of “free-will” is blasphemous”

That’s right.

 It is not biblical, and it places the human being’s will over and above the will of the Living God.


click here> The idea of “free-will” is blasphemous


The quote is by Gerhard Forde. No doubt many others have said as much, and Pastor Mark is in their number.




Thanks, Pastor Mark.
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A Christmas Tree message






                                                     He is

today,  not

as a manger –

babe, but as the

One who lived and

died and lives

again, enthroned and

reigning in our hearts.

To sense the need of those

who only know the tinsel

and the rushing of the crowds,

who celebrate a day and nothing more —

because to them, He slumbers yet at Bethlehem.

To love Him , God’s Living Word, above all else, and

loving, wish to tell others everywhere

the Good News of redemption!

. . .this to us


 Pastor Mark Anderson, http://www.lightofthemaster.net/home , Corona del Mar  CA