The meaning of the ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ story

‘Angles were ascending and descending a ladder from Heaven.’

What does that have to do with the price of eggs in Alabama?

Pastor Mark’s sermon for the 2nd Sunday after the Epiphany unpacks the Jacob’s ladder story.


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Thanks, Pastor Mark.
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‘Closed’ vs. ‘Open’ Communion

Here are some very good arguments for ‘closed communion’ by a Lutheran pastor who practices ‘open communion’. 


 And of course, why we choose to practice ‘open communion’.

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Thanks, Pastor Mark.


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Open Communion? Are you sure?


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Who Really Practices Closed Communion?

The irony of a great many “non-presence” churches that practice open communion and rail against those who practice closed communion that do give the true body and blood of Jesus Christ , is that they themselves practice the ultimate closed communion which even exceeds that of Rome, who refused to offer the cup to the laity; and that is utterly denying the body and blood of Jesus Christ to their people.

In the words of their own doctrine, “This is not the body and this is not the blood of Jesus Christ?”

How can communion be more closed than that? 

                                        -Larry Hughes

What kind on communion does your church practice?  Do you know why?