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“I Believe that I Cannot Believe…”


Can one come to believe in God by his or her own strength, effort, will, or reason?

Can you size Him up and make a decision for Him? Can you choose to make Him your ‘personal Lord and Savior’?


Find out what Luther said about it, here: 

click here>  Strength-and-Effort-to-choose-Jesus


 ( it starts out a little fuzzy but clears up after 15 seconds – if you can give this one 10 minutes of your time, you will not regret it )  


More Forde !

gerhard_forde by theologyethics


Christianity is not the move from vice to virtue, but rather the move from virtue to grace.”

            – Gerhard Forde



“My thesis,” Forde wrote, “is that Lutherans to be true to their identity…should become even more radical proponents of the tradition that gave them birth and has brought them thus far…Let us be radicals…radical preachers and practitioners of the gospel by justification by faith without the deeds of the law.  We should pursue it to the radical depths already plumbed by St. Paul, especially in Romans and Galatians, when he saw that justification by faith without the deeds of the law really involves and announces the death of the old being and the calling forth of the new in hope.  We stand at a crossroads.  Either we must become more radical about the gospel, or we would be better off to forget it altogether.”



‘But I really enjoy my spiritual, ladder climbing, getting closer to God, becoming more like Jesus project.’


That’s too bad, because it’s not moving you closer to God…but further away! Much further away.



Class on Galatians and Christian Freedom

Lecture Hall by uniinnsbruck


We’ll learn in this class why Luther changed his

name… and other good stuff.


click here > Galatians Bible Study


There will be a pop-quiz (as soon as we can find Pop).




“Becoming More Spiritual”

A sermon by Pastor Mark on “becoming more spritual”  


click here > Becoming more Spiritual


I’m gonna get this right if it kills me.


Pastor’s class tidbits

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Number 8 by Devon Henderson

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The Two Christian Paradigms

I’m still trying to get audio from my computer onto this blog.

Let’s see if this worked:


         click here  >  The Two Christian Paradigms    a sermon by         Pastor Mark    

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