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Pastor Mark’s open forum pastor’s class from Sunday 9-25-’11


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Some of these topics are discussed in the class:


Glorifying God, Humanism, Zwingli, not taking sin seriously enough, Eastern Romanian folk tunes of the 70’s, Christian Vocation, popes, the 5th use of the law, Calvinists, stock car racing, free-will, home made ice cream, what we will do when we are in Heaven, Gas or Charcoal?,  the Reformation and the Catholic Church, Jim Nestingen, deep fried bean sprouts.


Pope Benedict on “The Burning Question of Martin Luther”


Luther's 95 theses by honecr5


Good stuff there on how the Roman Catholic Church and Pope Benedict are working towards   unity with Protestants and Lutherans. 



There was much at stake then. And there is  much at stake now.


Listen in to Pastor Mark’s sermon today that ties in very nicely to this issue of Martin Luther speaking out for the freedom of the Christian, and the freedom of God to save real sinners and to work His will in our lives, apart from religious spirituality projects that are foisted upon us by the church…or by ourselves.

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The Persecuted Church

A banner at the march by bhatto

I’m now having my doubts that the church in San Juan Capistrano is being persecuted.

I think it’s a legitimate question of the proper use of a residential property.

But what if it were being persecuted?

Is that really such a bad thing?

Is that a heartless question?


Just asking.




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Baptism, Vocation, and staying off the spiritual Christian progression project…


Pastor Mark’s class this past Sunday.


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In minute 27 he reveals the 4 secrets to Christ-like spiritual growth and lets out of the bag the exact substance that angels wings are made of (and where you can purchase this heavenly material). Just kidding. You can’t buy the stuff…you have to earn it by your steadfast obedience.



Thanks, Pastor Mark.

Luther quote



“Next to faith this is the highest art — to be content with the calling in which God has placed you. I have not learned it yet.”

                                                                                                     — Martin Luther




Pastor Mark Anderson’s take on the above quote:

There is more to this quote than meets the eye. Luther viewed the ordinary vocations of life as authentic Christian discipleship. This was consistent with his very down-to-earth view of the Gospel and represented one of his most radical insights into the nature of the Christian life. Contrast this with the myriad of current discipleship, following Jesus programs where piety runs amok and which amount to nothing more than spiritual ladder climbing projects.





Forgiveness…for those in the Church

Group490 by bamafan413


Does Jesus tell us to forgive those outside the Church?

Listen in to Pastor Mark’s sermon for





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‘How You Doin’?’

Goodfellas (1990) by Cine&TV_fan

Here’s a sermon from our friend, Pastor Patrick Thurmer of

 Living-Faith-Church in Cape Coral, FL.

Good stuff, Pastor Pat.  Thanks!





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If you think you’ll skip this one…faghettaboutit!




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Building Fences? Or Building Bridges?

Bridge by Caryn Hughes

Here’s Pastor Mark’s sermon for the 87th Sunday after Pentecost (or whatever…actually I think it’s the 12th Sunday after Pentecost):








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There’s a nifty little prayer by Martin Luther in this sermon that you might want to remember.

Then again,you might not (if you really are into the whole ‘holiness project’ thing).




Thanks, Pastor Mark.

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A New Day


Sunrise by Jamie Morrissey

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for saving me.

It’s hard to believe, sometimes. Especialy when I look back at all that I have done to mess up not only my own life, but the lives of others.

And I probably only know the half of it.

I pray that He will have mercy on all those souls that I unwittingly (maybe wittingly sometimes) tried to take to hell with me. Not that that is an excuse. I have none.

But I do have a Savior.

Thanks be to God, for His grace and His mercy.

Thank you, Jesus.

Thank you, Dear Jesus.




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