Pope Benedict on “The Burning Question of Martin Luther”


Luther's 95 theses by honecr5


Good stuff there on how the Roman Catholic Church and Pope Benedict are working towards   unity with Protestants and Lutherans. 



There was much at stake then. And there is  much at stake now.


Listen in to Pastor Mark’s sermon today that ties in very nicely to this issue of Martin Luther speaking out for the freedom of the Christian, and the freedom of God to save real sinners and to work His will in our lives, apart from religious spirituality projects that are foisted upon us by the church…or by ourselves.

click here > How to know God’s will for your life


Thanks to http://www.internetmonk.com/ for their blog post.

Thanks to flickr and honecr5, for the photo.

And thanks to Pastor Mark for being a bold underline of God’s good and faithful promises to us.>





3 Responses

  1. Fascinating. It’s amazing when such matters are raised what people like to place ‘front and centre’ in the forum (in this case, the comments on the i-monk piece). So often it sounds good until you peel away the skin and examine what’s actually inside. The Apostles show us that for genuine health in the earthly church we must ‘speak the truth in love’, and that really shows that the issues are exactly the same now as they were in Luther’s day. Many thanks, Steve and friends, for earnestly, lovingly, contending for the faith once delivered to the saints.

  2. Howard: I couldn’t agree with you more and add my thanks to Pastor Mark and Steve. Steve, do you know the book or article that Pastor Mark used to quote from Forde? That was so good.

  3. Thanks very much, Howard, and Ron.

    We appreciate your comments, very much.

    Ron, I don’t know but I will find out for you. Pastor Mark may check in here and beat me to it.

    Just headed out the door to the salt mine.

    Thanks, again.

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