A soft spot for those who would wreck the faith of others


Sorry, but I have just got to say something to my fellow “Christians” who have blogs wherein they seem to enjoy ripping the Christian faith.Capital: Second Temptation of Christ by Sacred Destinations


Why give atheists a forum to spew their evil slander against the faith of Christ and the Living God?

Is there not enough of this vitriol coming from the world?  Are you like some little kid that enjoys ripping the wings off of butterflies?

Do us all a big favor and leave. That’s right…get out of the church and go on your merry way. Try and do something constructive for a change.

You are of another spirit.




Is it a fair fight?

No…it isn’t.

 Three against One is not a fair fight.

The world, the flesh, and the devil versus the One in and through whom all things were created? A fair fight? Hardly!

This world is broken. It is caught in sin and is slowly but surely degenerating. It is in a downward spiral. It cares nothing for us, and it’s forces are tearing away at us constantly. The world is comprised of all temporal things, living beings bound in sin and all forces of matter and weather and natural phenomena. The world cares not one wit about us , nor can it, and it’s effect on us is to bring about death.

The flesh, our sinful being, is bound in sin, bound to sin, and is working in us not to bring us and others around us, life…but rather death. We like sinning. Our sin doesn’t just stop with us, but it careens like a pinball off of others and inflicts it’s carnage far and wide to people we will never even know existed. The flesh is not interested in authentic life, but an opposite, self absorbed imposter life…which in reality is death.

The devil is alive and active in this world to seek and destroy faith in the One who is above all things. He wants the allegiance that rightly belongs to the Creator for he is a selfish, rebellious, God hating creature that wants to deny God what rightly belongs to Him. The devil is real, and his evil works are real, and they are directed at you…for he is after you…he wants to bring you everlasting death, and he will not rest towards that goal.

Any one of those three could kill us in an instant. There’s not a one of us that is capable of standing up to any one of those three powerful forces that are out to get us. Not a one of us would stand a chance.

But the One who is, who has, who will defeat the three is the One who died on the cross. In an apparent defeat, Jesus turns the tables on the three and obliterates the death that they would bring to us. He is raised from the grave to new life and has promised this for us. He has won the victory over the world(sin), the flesh(ourselves), and the devil..for us…that we too might have new life…in Him…with Him…forever!

Is it a fair fight?  No it isn’t! But it is a tough fight that still rages on. The war is over, we have peace with God because of what Christ Jesus has accomplished on the cross for us. But evil still works to tear us away from our Lord and Savior. That is why we stay in the Word. That is why we hear the Word and receive the sacraments. That is why we keep trusting His promises during this battle that rages everyday to take our souls away from Him.

Christ is the Victor! He is our Champion! He is our Savior! Thanks be to God!