‘good works’ vs. ‘no good works’



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Thanks, Pastor Mark.


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Using God’s Law as a vehicle to greater Spirituality


 Bible Study by LeggNet

These excerpts are pretty good. I will put the entire class up in a few days for those of you who will want to hear more.

I’d love to hear what you think, pro…or con.  Thanks!

( R&G stands for ‘Romans and Galatians’…not ‘Roscoe and Grimes’)

Track 06 R&G

Track 07 R&G

Track 08 R&G

Track 09 R&G

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Track 13 R&G


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Thanks to Pastor Mark Anderson for giving these classes and for letting us have access to them on this blog.




Thanks to flickr and  LeggNet  for the photo.


Bits and Bites from the Pastor’s Class

Here are a few snippets from Pastor Mark Anderson’s (my pastor) class from Sunday Aug. 10th.

Each snippet is only a few minutes long.Classroom

When is the gospel purely preached?

Scriptures are not all on a level playing field

Episcopacy handcuffs

Feel free to weigh in on any or all. 

‘Sin’ vs. ‘Sins’ , and the ‘spiritual muscle building’ game

Many folks in the Church really like to keep busy by pumping their ‘spiritual muscles’. They’ve substituted the Charles Atlas (I’m dating myself) poster on the wall, for a poster of Jesus and the Sermon on the Mount. 80's Muscle Mom # 2

I believe that Jesus’ sermon was a re-presenting of God’s perfect Law, wherein no one would be left with any wiggle room at all when it came to living their lives in the manner that God demands. 

However, many well meaning preachers and teachers in the Church today believe that it is proper  to convince Christians that they can become better Christians by addressing their sins. ( a short audio clip of less than 10 minutes).

Is it possible to become a better Christian by addressing your sins?

Thanks for your input!

A Real Eye Opener!

Slow Down on the Caffeine

Here’s a little snippet from one of Pastor Mark’s classes on the book, ‘Where God Meets Man’, by Gerhard Forde.

Some of this might make your eyes bug out!    





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