Bits and Bites from the Pastor’s Class

Here are a few snippets from Pastor Mark Anderson’s (my pastor) class from Sunday Aug. 10th.

Each snippet is only a few minutes long.Classroom

When is the gospel purely preached?

Scriptures are not all on a level playing field

Episcopacy handcuffs

Feel free to weigh in on any or all. 

7 Responses

  1. If it is the Word of God that makes Christ known and contains the power of God, then how is it that pastors need to be touched by someone in succession of the historic episcopacy in order to have a valid ministry?

  2. When the Lutheran Church was started, was there a laying on of hands for pastors in order that they might be properly ordained?

  3. Does anyone know the books of the Bible that Luther thought to be the ones that really contained the message, and that should be concentrated on?

  4. Steve,
    What we are talking about is legoumena, and antilegoumena. Or those books spoken for with common consensus, and those spoken against. Two books that are essential to understanding all of this are: Eusebius “Church History” and Gerhards first volume of his “tholgical common places “Theology and Scripture.”
    What you end up with are all four gospels, the book of Acts, the Pauline epistles, 1 Peter, 1 John. The rest of the New Testament is questioned as to authorship. And has been for a long time. However, my gut tells me that Hebrews is so beautifully written as an exposition of the Gospel from the Old Testament the force of its argument establishes its credibility apart from authorship. You also have all of what we consider the Old Testament.
    So it isn’t to say that Luther wanted to throw out James only because he disagreed with it. That was not it at all. Actually it is to his credit that he translated it any way. But there had already been some questioning for 1500 years as to its validity, and he saw that it could easily be misinterpreted to contradict Paul. The Catholics cannonized it at the Council of Trent, in order to justify anethematizing the Gospel. Calvin followed suit.

  5. Bror,

    Good stuff, Bror. Thanks.

    Does the mystery of who wrote a certain book of the Bible render it of less importance, or it is the content of the message…or both?

    I think you meant 500 years instead of 1500 (with respect to questioning the Book of James). If so, I can fix it for you.

    Thanks again, Bror!

    Catch any snakes lately?

  6. No I meant 1500 years. Though it may be more like 1400 years. The Council of Trent cannonized it. I can’t remember the exact years but well after Luther’s death. James was one questioned at Nicea, I’m fairly certain that questioning didn’t start at Nicea.
    Well, here’s the thing about Authorship, with out Apostolic approval, or certification, you don’t have a whole lot, you have no real certainty. But if we found Paul’s grocery list we might not cannonize it. Apostolic approval, and the Gospel are both necessary. Now the Gospel has its own authority, which it imposes on the believer, but all we here and believe needs to be tested to the sure witness we have in those books we are certain of. For instance, If I were ever to give a sermon communicating the gospel, rather than the third use of the law, the Holy Spirit would be operating there to bring people to faith. But faith wanting to make sure I’m not a charlotan fleecing the flock, would check my sermon against Paul, or Peter, or…
    So the two shouldn’t be pitted against each other. Of course show me where the gospel is lacking within those books we are certain of, and maybe I’ll back track. But then I don’t get to decide what the Gospel is, Christ does, and he communicated it to the world through his Apostles, so they are somewhat above questioning aren’t they. To question them regarding the Gospel would be to question Christ. Excepting where they questioned eachother, say Paul and Peter in Antioch.
    My son is well on his way to becoming a Kentucky Pentecostal, 🙂 never seen a kid handle snake so well.

  7. Gotcha on the years…my math is terrible (LA city public schools).

    So Apostolic approval and the gospel. Got it. Thanks!

    I always remember what Paul said , “if an angel from Heaven comes down with another gospel, let him be accursed.”

    Maybe John has the ‘power’! Even so, I wouldn’t let him pick up any Black Mambas until he’s eight..maybe nine. Stick with the Sidewinders for awhile.

    Thanks very much, Bror!

    – Steve

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