Good Friday. How God lashes you to that Cross.



Good Friday sermon from 2012:

click > How God ties us to the cross and resurrection

(there are some places where the audio momentarily cuts out in our aging sound system but the message is not affected)


Have a blessed Good Friday.




Thank you, Pastor Mark.


Thanks to flickr and pattykoplitz, for the photo.



How God ties us to the Cross and Resurrection


Pastor Mark’s Good Friday sermon for April 6th, 2012:


click > How God ties us to the cross and resurrection




There are a few rough spots (not too many) in the recording due to some gremlins in our sound system and an aging and rusty (literally) sound board. We plan on getting  a new one, soon. If anyone would like to help us in any way toward that end, it would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Pastor Mark.


And thanks to flickr and Waiting for the Word, for the photo.