14 misconceptions about the Christian life


  • That the Christian life begins with a decision, or choice for Jesus. 
  • That the Christian life is one of progression…getting “better”.
  • That Baptism is merely a symbol of your commitment and seriousness about following Jesus. That God isn’t really doing anything in Baptism.
  • That our “free-will” is a solution to our problem of sin, death, and the devil.
  • That the Lord can, and does use earthen vessels to accomplish His will here on earth…EXCEPT for the Bible…which is totally perfect and without textual error…as the Muslims claim their book to be.
  • That the law can be used on Christians to keep them in line and right with God.
  • That our sin problem is something that we can work on to improve in the eyes of God.
  • That the Lord’s Supper is a mere remembering of what the Lord has done for us, and in no way carries the true body and blood of Christ.
  • That preachers and pastors and priests are somehow different, more holy, more sanctified, a bit more elevated than everyone else.
  • That our own version, or denomination of Christianity is the only one that knows the real Truth.
  • That God can only work in someone when they reach a certain age, or level of understanding.
  • That once we are saved, we are always saved…. it’s a completed contract.
  • That God in Christ Jesus does not love, and did not forgive the entire world.
  • That we cannot have real assurance of our salvation unless we look inside and examine ourselves to see if we really measure up, and if we really are serious enough about it all to know that we truly are His.