Our best ‘is’ the problem

Consolidaction : Le Top Secret by Animation Concept

Here’s some portions of a Romans class that Pastor Mark taught a while back. Not much has changed. We are still the same, and God is still the same.

Towards the end of the class Pastor Mark reveals the ‘4 secrets’ to the sanctified Christian life.  😀

All four sections add up to around 12 minutes total…so there’s no excuse not to become the Christian that you deserve to be.

( I know that some sections are just seconds long, but I haven’t figured out yet how to splice them onto other sections.  I’ll add that to my list of stuff to learn someday)

Our best is not good enough #1


Our best is not good enough #2


Our best is not good enough #3


Our best is not good enough #4



Thanks, Pastor Mark.


And thanks to flickr and to Animation Concepts for the photo.


There’s only one

Bono by itrimble


This message would make a great many liberal mainline Protestant pastors spit like crazed camels.


 But I think Bono would be quite pleased.


Click here > There’s only one


Thanks, Pastor Mark.


And thanks to flicker and itrimble for the photo.



The Roman Catholic view of ‘faith’ vs. the Lutheran view of ‘faith’

The full class is now posted (below) in mp3. 

St Peter's Basillica , Rome by James Mans                  

 The actual class starts about 5 min. into #1 (thanks to my Christian brother Brent’s lengthy questions)  😀

Views on ‘faith’ #1          Views on ‘faith’ #6

Views on ‘faith’ #2          Views on ‘faith’ #7

Views on ‘faith’ #3          Views on ‘faith’ #8

Views on ‘faith’ #4          Views on ‘faith’ #9

Views on ‘faith’ #5

Views of ‘faith’ – the entire class


I should have titled them Views of ‘faith’, but it’s late and I’m not going to fix it now.


Thanks to Pastor Mark Anderson.

And to flickr and James Mans,  for the photo.


Another priceless Forde quote…



“The Word is not relevant to the ‘Old Adam’ as such…. It is something like the word, ‘I love you,’ spoken in a brothel”

                     – Gerhard Forde,  “A Short Word,” 1981


Thanks to Pastor Mark for passing these Forde quotes along to us.

Christian Growth

Graft #9 by joeysplanting.






Here’s another gem from Gerhard Forde.

“Christian growth is forgetting about yourself.”

  (…and your Christian growth)


The parenthetical statement is my addition.


Thanks to flickr and joeysplanting for the photo.



Trying to make Christians… out of Christians.

Galatians by Amsterdam Asp

That’s what St. Paul was doing in the Galatian letter.

Trying to take the religiosity out of Christians. Trying to show them that they have been freed from the Law of Moses, by the cross of Christ.

That job still needs to be done, as the ‘Christ +’ (whatever)  crowd is always on the lookout for those not living up to the “Christian life”, and is more than willing to hand you the list of all the areas where you should be doing a better job.

Here’s a terrific sermon that is the capstone for Lutheran Church of the Master’s Lenten theme this year of “Breaking Free from Religion’.


click here> Making Christians out of Christians

                         (Pastor Mark’s Good Friday sermon for 2011)


Thanks to flicker and Amsterdam Asp for the photo.


What would the world look like?

Sibiu Cathedral (Jesus washes Peter's feet) by Fergal Claddagh

What would it look like if we actually lived the way Jesus commands us to?

Here’s Pastor Mark’s Maundy Thursday sermon for 2011.

( I messed up the begining so there’s a silence for about 20 seconds or so at the start of it) 


click here>   Maundy Thursday Sermon for 2011


Thanks to flickr and Fergal Claddagh, for the photo.