Trying to make Christians… out of Christians.

Galatians by Amsterdam Asp

That’s what St. Paul was doing in the Galatian letter.

Trying to take the religiosity out of Christians. Trying to show them that they have been freed from the Law of Moses, by the cross of Christ.

That job still needs to be done, as the ‘Christ +’ (whatever)  crowd is always on the lookout for those not living up to the “Christian life”, and is more than willing to hand you the list of all the areas where you should be doing a better job.

Here’s a terrific sermon that is the capstone for Lutheran Church of the Master’s Lenten theme this year of “Breaking Free from Religion’.


click here> Making Christians out of Christians

                         (Pastor Mark’s Good Friday sermon for 2011)


Thanks to flicker and Amsterdam Asp for the photo.


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