Christian Growth

Graft #9 by joeysplanting.






Here’s another gem from Gerhard Forde.

“Christian growth is forgetting about yourself.”

  (…and your Christian growth)


The parenthetical statement is my addition.


Thanks to flickr and joeysplanting for the photo.



5 Responses

  1. great quote (and addition)

  2. Thanks, Charlie!

    Be a rebel and pass it on.

    ( I know you will!)

  3. Gotta love Forde. Peace.

  4. Here is another one from Forde that I just read:

    ‎”To progress in sanctification is always to begin again. In this life, we never get over grace, never entirely grasp or learn it. It continually takes us by surprise; conquering & captivating us by its totality. The life of grace is like lovers who just can’t get over the miracle of love & so are constantly saying it over & over as if it were completely new & unheard of. And so it constantly begins again.” (Forde)

    Good stuff!

  5. Amen! That’s the whole point, it is God working His will. Not us trying to do things in the flesh!

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