“If you love me, you will keep my commandments”


Does that mean that if you don’t keep His commandments that He won’t love you?


Listen in to the sermon for the 6th Sunday in Easter to find out how Pastor Mark answers that question:





 click here >   If you love me you will keep my commandments




Thank you, Pastor Mark.
And thanks to flickr and Tony Lam 2010, for the photo.

John Piper and Rick Warren. What do you think?

Rev. Dr. John Piper, Rev. Dr. Rick Warren by The Christian Post   So my friends, what do you think of Rick Warren and John Piper’s theology?





Here’s a sample of Piper: 

 ( I took out all that stuff about the other blog. I don’t think it was helpful, and I’m sorry I put it up there to begin with)

Thank you, all.


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Christ in the Old Testament

Joseph Forgiving His Brothers by returntogodsgarden

This one is a great one to send to your Mormon friends.

Also, your Baptist, non-denominational, Pentecostal, Calvinist, Methodist, and Catholic friends.

(all others are ify)

Also, Pastor Mark explains why we are NOT dispensationalists.

It’s a very interesting class.




  click here >  Christ in the Old Testament


Thanks, Pastor Mark.

And thanks to flickr and returntogodsgarden, for the photo. It’s a painting of Joseph forgiving his brothers.


How do you know God’s will for your life?


another strange and mysterious man... by alexwood - ale_m

How does a pastor know if they are called, or not?

What is the relationship between faith and works?

Does what you do here on earth have an effect on your status in Heaven?

And some things to think about when your church will not Baptize your baby.


click here >How-to-know-if-your-vocation-is-in-the-will-of-God



Thanks, Pastor Mark.

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What Lutherans think about teaching Biblical principles for living


Tony Robbins 6 by Vincent_Tan

We all know that we are to teach and preach from the Bible.

But what? There’s a lot of stuff in there.


Check this one out when you get some time:


(By the way, that is not an Evangelical prayer meeting, but an Anthony Robbins seminar)

click here > Preaching Biblical Priciples for living




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Sermon by Pastor Duane Berg


Chi Rho by Leo Reynolds

Pastor Mark is away on vacation and Pastor Duane Berg has graciously filled in for him for the last 3 weeks.

Here’s Pastor Berg’s sermon for the 5th Sunday in Easter:


click here > The 5th Sunday in Easter


Thanks, Pastor Berg!

And thanks to flickr and Leo Reynolds, for the photo.



Oh that…

This won’t mean much to some of you…





Blew by that a loooooooong time ago… when I accepted Jesus.


Now I’m on the escalator to Christ-like-ed-ness.



Was the devil’s sin worse than ours?


Lucifer the Angel falling from Heaven by George_Reader

What’s the difference between the devil’s sin and our sin?

Why could Jesus atone for our sins?

What is Docetism and why are most Christians “functional Docetists”?

What are the 3 main forces allied against our salvation?

How was Jesus tempted? How are we tempted?


You may already know the answers to those questions. If you want to hear the Lutheran take on them (and other interesting stuff), then listen to this fairly short mp3 audio:

click here > The Devil’s sin




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Jesus is the True and Better…


Thank you, Tim Keller.

And thanks to our friend Pastor Pat Thurmer of  Living-Faith-Church, for the heads-up on this one.


“Religious Noise?”

DP Reading Phone Books Close Up by bricomedy

Why is teaching correct Christian Doctrine so important?

Listen in on this class for some good discussion on the topic.





click here >The Importance of Proper Doctrine


One of the questions Pastor Mark asks of the class is “why can’t we just read the phonebook in church?”



Thank you, Pastor Mark.

And thanks to flickr and bricomedy, for the photo.