It just never ends

10 Commandments by imkukie

I visit many Christian blog sites during the course of a week, and it never ceases to amaze me how many are telling us ‘just what to do’ in order to be a better Christian. (with all the best of intentions)

Here’s my advice for all those that are trying to help us by feeding us that poison, which is the law (what we do):

Please, just worry about yourself. Stop inflicting the law upon the rest of us, so that we might rise to the level of obedience that you are at. Reading and listening to these folks is akin to going in for a root canal.

All of you who have been freed from the Christian religious project, know what I mean.

Why do I go these sites then?  Good question. Sometimes I ask myself the same thing. I guess I go back now and then to try and put a good word in for Christ Jesus and His forgiveness and love for sinners.

And then the biblicists start raining on the parade by plucking out law passages here and there that they hope will trump the gospel.

Sorry to burst your stone tablet law fest, but it works the other way around. The gospel ALWAYS trumps your self-improvement plan.


Thanks to flickr and imkukie, for the photo.