A sermon by Jim Nestingen on being Baptized into Jesus

Jordan River flowing near site of Baptism of Saint John. by wblyons

Here’s a sermon by our good friend, Dr. Jim Nestingen.

It was first delivered at First Lutheran Church of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. http://www.flcsf.org/





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Thank you, Jim.

And thanks to First Lutheran Church of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Also, thanks to flickr and wblyons, for the photo of the River Jordan.


‘By What Authority?’

 In Luther's Pulpit (Kirk) by crbassettJoin Pastor Mark as he works from an article by James Nestingen, on how Lutherans understand the Word of God,  and where we (any Christian) derive our authority to preach, teach, and proclaim the Word, and administer the sacraments.



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Thanks to Pastor Mark Anderson, and James Nestingen.

And thanks to flickr and crbassett, for the photo of the pulpit that Luther preached from.






Discussion of James Nestingen’s article

Pastor Mark’s class this week deals with an article titled ‘Scriptural Authority and the Lutheran Confessions’  by James Nestingen. It’s found in a book put out by the Word Alone folks titled ‘By What Authority?’ 


It’s a very interesting class.   And it may ruffle a few feathers.  I don’t think anyone gets away unscathed in this one.


We never shy away of feather ruffling if it is to promote Christ and His gospel for the forgiveness of sins.


Listen in and feel free to comment pro or con or indifferent.


click here > Scriptural Authority and the Lutheran Confessions




Thanks to Jim Nestingen, Word Alone, and Pastor Mark.

Thanks to facebook for the photo of Jim.




Video on praying the Lord’s Prayer


videotaped class:

Jim Nestingen on The-Lord’s-Prayer  photo of Dr. James Nestingenand the Catechism


Thank you, Institute-of-Lutheran-Theology

I only had a chance to watch the first half, but I enjoyed the class very much and learned a few things, besides.


Institute of Lutheran Theology

Dr. James Nestingen