Discussion of James Nestingen’s article

Pastor Mark’s class this week deals with an article titled ‘Scriptural Authority and the Lutheran Confessions’  by James Nestingen. It’s found in a book put out by the Word Alone folks titled ‘By What Authority?’ 


It’s a very interesting class.   And it may ruffle a few feathers.  I don’t think anyone gets away unscathed in this one.


We never shy away of feather ruffling if it is to promote Christ and His gospel for the forgiveness of sins.


Listen in and feel free to comment pro or con or indifferent.


click here > Scriptural Authority and the Lutheran Confessions




Thanks to Jim Nestingen, Word Alone, and Pastor Mark.

Thanks to facebook for the photo of Jim.




7 Responses

  1. I tried to play it but to no avail. God’s peace St Stephen. †

  2. Hi David,

    I just tried to play it and it played, but it took quite a while to load (maybe a minute and half).

    Not sure what the problem is.

    Anyone else out there not able to listen to it?

  3. Third time was the charm!

  4. I was a bit disturbed by the “high bar” type talk though I appreciate in Nestigen the “superabundant” grace concept coming through loud and clear.

    In terms of who went to communion in Luther’s day, it would seem that all the children were baptized, but he stressed that one could not really be a Christian without proper catechesis. And therefore, we hear often that the people who attended communion had been “examined.” I often wondered if that meant that they had been to confession and absolution or possibly something else.

    “Examined” meant that they knew what they were receiving and had had some Christian instruction.

    • We also believe in teaching our youth (before their 1st Communion) what the Lord’s Supper is.

      I think what Pastor mark was referring to is Christians who are visitors to a church.

      We let them know what we believe it is, and who it is for, and then invite all those who believe the same about the Supper to come and receive it.

      We feel the Lord is capable of handling anything that may be amiss.

      If we are to err, we have decided to err in favor of God’s grace.

      Thanks, Brigitte.

  5. St Stephen,

    This was certainly worth a good listen. Now if we can get St Mark to stop picking on the LCMS we would really have something! 😛

  6. No one is “picking on” the LCMS. We have legitimate and serious differences regarding the doctrine of the Word.

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