‘How-to’ Christianity, and Biblical Principles for Living…


…properly understood in the light of law/gospel preaching.

Listen to > ‘How-to’and biblical principles

(15 min. pastor’s class portion)


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Have trouble discerning law and gospel?


Join the club.


These may help  

Bible study 1                              Bible study 7

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Bible study 3                              Bible study 9

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Bible study 5

Bible study 6

and they are in easy to digest bites.





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Properly distinguishing God’s law from God’s gospel to avoid confusion in the Christian faith.

I found many things in this class that were helpful to me in being able to properly distinguish the law from the gospel.

And it quite often isn’t all that easy to do. But listen in and see if there’s something in here for you:


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“Putting on Christ”…and the importance of ‘distinguishing law from gospel’


I think I’ll call these short outtakes, ‘quick hitters’. Here’s a ‘quick hitter’ with a bit about “putting on Christ” (Baptism)…and then how important it is to distinguish the law from the gospel and the purpose of each.

This ‘quick hitter’ is under 8 minutes long. Perfect to send to someone who may just be learning about some of these important theological issues in our faith. Or…as a good refresher or reminder to someone like me, who constantly needs to hear it.

click here > Law and Gospel distinction 


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Sometimes the clay is just baked

Tallest man in the world by Dan Squires

Have you ever tried to discuss the gospel with another Christian   and all you get in return is a bunch of bunch of “yeah buts”?

Many of us have.

Sometimes, I believe you just have to leave it (them) alone. Sometimes they are just really into the religious Christian project… climbing steadily, improving their Christian lives, and there’s no stopping them. In such a case I would suggest that you just let them go ahead with their project. And then look for others to share the gospel with. Look for those beaten and battered by life, or their own religious projects. It is here that the law has done it’s job and it is here that the gospel may have the best chance of being heard and freeing the person from the law (what ‘they do’).

Every person and situation is different and I do not advocate a formula. But I think the general principle is fairly steady.

What do you think?



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Sermon dissection – what to listen for

Click here  http://www.lightofthemaster.com/  , and then click on The Ambo by Lea and Luna‘sermons’ (top of page towards the right side) – yesterday’s sermon, Nov. 21 should be cued up, just click on the  start arrow.

(the sermon is about 20 minutes long, so you might want to wait until you have the time)

Listen. Do you hear the law presented as something you should be doing in order for you to be a proper Christian? Is the law presented as a way to make you better? Or, is the law presented as a way to describe the way that we really ARE ? (As a mirror, to reflect our sinfulness and our need of a savior).

Then listen for God’s promises. Are they presented with string(s) attached? Must you DO anything for the promises to be good and valid for you? Or are they just handed over to you, the unworthy, free of charge?

I’d like to know what you think. I’d like to know if you can detect a difference in this preaching, in contrast to the typical preaching in an Evangelical church.


Thanks for your thoughts.




“It’s too late…”


It’s far too late to clean up our act. Far too late.

But there is one who has cleaned it up for you, and who continues to clean it up for you.

Christ Jesus has clothed you in the perfect righteousness of his pure, white robe.

Is that not good enough?

It is.

That’s the gospel.

Too simple for ya?

Too bad.       That’s the way it is.