Properly distinguishing God’s law from God’s gospel to avoid confusion in the Christian faith.

I found many things in this class that were helpful to me in being able to properly distinguish the law from the gospel.

And it quite often isn’t all that easy to do. But listen in and see if there’s something in here for you:


Listen to >      R&G – complete class



Thank you, Pastor Mark.


And thanks to flickr and Original Sin, for the photo.



3 Responses

  1. I’ll listen to this when I get home. Thanks Steve!

    Personally, I think of the law as something “you must” (e.g. You MUST not covet). Truth is, you “might” covet. The Gospel is of God’s promises as something “you will” (e.g. If the Son sets you free, you WILL be free indeed).

    In that light, it is clearer for me to see how the Gospel is not based on my performance. I “uphold the law” by using it as intended (i.e. as a diagnosis). Upholding the law draws me to the Gospel (i.e. as the medicine).

    Thanks for these resources, Steve!

  2. Thanks, Kebs!

    I think you have a pretty good handle on this stuff, friend.

    Remember that it is always ‘God’s will’ for sinners, that is important when it comes to the gospel.

    We will to be bound in sin. He wills that we be forgiven and set free.

    • Yeah! Thanks for the reminder, Steve. That’s always a comfort – “it’s in God’s hand, not ours.” Salvation belongs to the LORD (Jonah 2:9).

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