“Prostitutes will enter the Kingdom of Heaven before preachers will”


Jesus spoke to Nicodemus and laid some heavy ideas on him. Actually these “new” ideas weren’t heavy at all, but they were light…and freeing. But they were radically different and frightening to people stuck in the self-justification/sanctification, living by the law (for righteousness) game.

The sanctification of the righteous, the religion project, the improving yourself in the eyes of God project are all things that work against what Jesus brought to this world, and to you, via His cross and resurrection.

Give this one 10 minutes of your time. It may be the most productive 10 minutes you’ve spent in a long time.


click> Jesus speaks to Nicodemus




Thank you, Pastor Mark.


And thanks to flickr and IPS Inter Press Service, for the photo.









2 Responses

  1. I am glad Jesus doesn’t lie and that He is serious in this salvation business! I am glad that grace is something that we don’t deserve and that justification is not in our hands! I am glad that the external word does not change and is not dependent on my feelings/experiences!

    God loved the sinners that Jesus died for the ungodly. What we cannot do for ourselves, God did. And whoever believes will not perish.

    Thanks for sharing Steve!

  2. Kebs, you’d be a great preacher (actually, you are).

    Thank you, friend.

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