‘It just blows my mind’

Pastors who hate the church. Pastors who are in love with the culture. Pastors who just seem to choke on the name of “Jesus”.  Pastors who will side with atheists and Muslims and Hindus and New Agers and  whate vers, over and above the Living Lord, Jesus the Christ.

It blows my mind.

They are in love with being liked. They want to be liked so badly that they will throw their Lord overboard in a heartbeat rather than appear to be intolerant to the enemies of the cross.  That’s right.  These folks are enemies of the cross. They deny the Living God His due and these lovie-dovie, tolerant  pastors would much rather side with the enemies of the cross, than their Lord Jesus Christ.

The Bible says that these men, and or women, are going to be held to a higher standard. They ought know better. But they insist on making war on God and the Church out of some warped sense of altruism.

This is not to confuse righteous criticism of the church or bad doctrine, or acts or behaviors unbecoming of Christians or the church. There is certainly a place for that kind of corrective criticism. Rather,  I am speaking of pastors who have a strong antipathy toward the church and of the exclusivity of our Lord Jesus Christ against a culture who would not have Him.

To these pastors I would say (and am saying), “pick a side”.

If you love this idea that Christians are bad who proclaim Christ as the only Way, and you think so higly of the other “religions” and Christ denying cultures…then go to them. Be one of them. Join them. The Church has enough problems without you trying to destroy the One thing that the Church is built upon, the person of Jesus Christ, and Him alone.

It just blows my mind.