Why did He come?

To give us a blueprint on how to fix this world?Star light, Star bright... by JSaм

To be a shining example to us that we might finally ‘get it’ and whip ourselves into shape?

To give us something to shoot for?


He came to save the people that He made who inhabit this fallen world. He came to save those complicit with the brokeness of this world. He came to save us.

There is a beginning and an end to this world, just as there is a beginning and an end to us.

The earth will pass away. Each of us will pass away. We are all dying people. There is no escaping it. We might be able to soften the reality of our deaths, but there is no escaping it. It is real and it is coming. It will be here before we know it. The older we get, the faster it moves towards us.

Each of us face the moment of our final breath here on earth.

His Word is what created this world. His Word is what upholds and sustains this world.

He made us, so He loves us. He wants to save us from an eternal death, an eternal darkness to which our estrangement from God has condemned us to.

Sure, I get political here…maybe too much. But we have to live in this place, don’t we? We have friends, families and neighbors that we are concerned about, don’t we? As with you, I want them to have the best possible life and experience the least amount of suffering in this veil of tears we call life.

But it will end. All of it will end. Whether it’s ten thousand years down the line, or this evening…it will surely end. And each of us will be lowered into the grave as well.

But our Creator, our Savior, our Redeemer is not content to leave us there. He wants us to live forever with Him. He wants us to have authentic life, the way it was meant to be before it all went South.

He came to save us. He wants to save us.

 He knows us. He knows everything about each one of us, more so than even we know about our own children. He knows of our rebellion and our selfishness and our desire to exclude Him from our lives and become our own little gods. 

But He loves us anyway. We wants us anyway. He died for you and forgives you all of your sin. He wants to heal all of the brokeness that characterizes your life and the life of this world.

There is nothing for you to size up and decide about. Indeed, we have already decided. We have decided to forget about Him, even as He decided to love us and save us.

Because He came, because He keeps coming, we don’t have to endure eternal darkness and death. Our deaths can’t keep us in the grave because His death on that cross couldn’t keep Him in His grave.

He came to open up a brand new future for the world. A future of wholeness, trust, forgiveness and love. A future with Him, where we will want for nothing. A future so wonderful that words cannot begin to describe it.

That’s why He came.

He wants you. He’s after you, even as all the forces arrayed against Him are after you, also.

We anxiously await His second coming and joyously celebrate His first coming.

May the Lord Jesus bless you and keep you this Advent season.





The 3 H Club

We’ve all heard of 4H, the clubs that help kids learn good citizenship and life skills with an agriculturally based program…well, how about a 3H Club?

 Health, Happiness, and Holiness…the three H’s.  This seems to bsummit1.grchicken.JPG by Farm and Dairye the focus of many churches in America.

Is there anything wrong with those things? Is it the chruch’s job to get them for you, or teach you how to get them?

The Second Advent

Listen to this sermon about the time in between the Advents and what we should do.

Is the time in between the Advents for diversion, or for preparation?