‘Assurance of Salvation’

How can one know if they are saved, or not?

How does one know (for sure) if  they are a Christian?

What is it that you can count on, absolutely, for the assurance that the death on the cross was for you?

There was a pretty interesting program yesterday on the Law and Gospel radio program.  kfuoam.org/LG.htm    (click on Thursday Feb.28)

I’d really like to know what you think about these provocative questions.

       – Steve

We just don’t want to die…I know I don’t.

Jesus said, “If you would gain your life in this world you must lose it.”

 What?! I must lose my life? That’s right. You must lose your life.

But I just told you that I don’t want to die!

Then you’ll need some help. No….that’s wrong. You don’t even want to participate,  so someone will have to kill you off, by themself.

That someone is the living God.

He kills you in baptism (Romans 6), and He kills you with his perfect Law.

This is done so that…He may raise you to new life. You didn’t really think that God would create a masterpiece on a canvas that was already scribbled all over, did you? Of course not! He wants a blank canvas.

So, out with the old Adam, the sinful self obsessed idolator…and in with the new person, totally justified, clothed in the perfect white robe of Christ.

It’s gotta happen,  this death. God demands a death from us. It is the price owed for a sinful life. The wages of sin is death. It will either be paid in full, here, in your baptism and on the cross, or it will be paid for all eternity when you are judged on the last Day.

Well, I think I’ll take my death here if you please, Dear Lord. Kill me and raise me with your perfect Word.

     – Steve Martin