‘Assurance of Salvation’

How can one know if they are saved, or not?

How does one know (for sure) if  they are a Christian?

What is it that you can count on, absolutely, for the assurance that the death on the cross was for you?

There was a pretty interesting program yesterday on the Law and Gospel radio program.  kfuoam.org/LG.htm    (click on Thursday Feb.28)

I’d really like to know what you think about these provocative questions.

       – Steve

4 Responses

  1. ‘ What is New and Different about Mankind’s Desire to Contribute to our own Salavation by Doing Something?’

  2. Yargh, Tom Baker didn’t put this one up. 😦 Please somehow give me a summary.

  3. Something tells me “Baptism” is the key 🙂 And if that is so, there is not a more solid ground I can stand on because Christ is the heart and soul of Baptism.

  4. Cat95,

    I’ll e-mail Tom and see if he can put that one up.

    It was about Baptism and it was a great program!

    I’ll keep you posted if he puts it up or not.

    Take care Cat95!

    – Steve

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