“Let them eat cake…”

I went to the Pacifica Synod’s Assembly (Lutheran-ELCA) yesterday in Irvine, CA.

The theme of the gathering was ‘Godwhere's jesus? cake.‘s Work, Our Hands’. As if God can do nothing without ‘us’. Doing, doing, doing. Let’s all get busy! (Pssst…are you doing enough?)

It was so exciting and exhilarating to be amongst so many like minded Lutherans willing and eager to get out the message of forgiveness in Jesus Christ!


It was the usual, boring, political correctness, don’t offend people, don’t discuss sin and forgiveness, just make people happy and go build a house for someone load of horse dung that it always is.

I was sorry to have missed the ‘Stretch and Pray’ churchrobics hour…maybe next time.

I did get a free lunch, however, and that’s always nice.

      – Steve Martin