Nominal Christians and False Declarations of Faith

I heard a very famous pastor from a large local church on the radio the other day. He was speaking about a friend of his (who is now a pastor), recalling how in the early days of this man’s walk with God that he was a “nominal Christian”.

_DSC0048.JPG by Kutless Photos

I also know a couple of pastors who were discussing people’s “false declarations of faith”.

What I would like to know is just how we can know when either one of these scenarios is the truth about someone?


Is there any chance that some (or all) of those in the first photo, may not be Christians?


How about the guy in the second photo who is shooting up in the alley?


I am open to any thoughts that you might have on the subject.




What ‘not’ to do (say)

Because of time constraints, I did not have time to listen to most of this talk (sermon?) by Paul Washer. So I forwarded the video to the last couple of minutes for the payoff. Whatever good he may have accomplished in the first 56 minutes, he totally (in my opinion) destroyed in the last few minutes.

This type of Christianity is responsible for creating Pharisees, phonies, or driving people out of churches.



I’m anxious to hear your take on it.  Thanks.




When did you accept Jesus?

“‘Well, I didn’t. He accepted me.”

No no no…I mean, when were you saved?Decisions for Christ

“Yesterday.     Today.     And tomorrow.”

Umm…you’re still not getting it…when did you become a Christian?

“At my baptism…when I was an infant.”

But babies cannot accept Christ!

“Now, you’re starting to get it.”


Where in the New Testament does it say that one needs to accept Jesus as his or her personal Savior?

Where does it say in the New Testament that we have to make our decision for Christ?

Where in the New Testament does it say that we have “free will” to choose God?

I have been told these things numerous times by Evangelicals but as yet no one has been able to show me biblical texts that say those things.  I have, though, seen many passages that state the opposite is true.

Am I missing something?  (It wouldn’t be the first time…today even!)