Downtown Hospital Radiology Waiting Room - it's all about the formalism. by p0ps Harlow

Marie sat down next to me in the waiting room of the radiology lab where I was waiting for my Mom to finish with one of her treatments for her lung cancer.

I asked Marie, “So what are you in for?”

She told me that she has a tumor on her pancreas. She she that the doctors told her that there’s not too much hope, but that maybe they could slow the growth with radiation. Tears started to come to her eyes….and mine.

I told Marie that she was God’s liitle girl ( nearing 80 years old). I told her that in her baptism, the Lord Jesus had adopted her and made her His very own little girl.

I told her that Jesus never forgets or goes back on His promises and that someday she will be with Him in a Paradise, and that it will be so unbelievable that she’ll wonder why it took God so long to bring her there.

There was no need to give Marie any law. She was already enveloped in the law.  Death is staring her in the face every moment of every day.

To ask her to make a decision for Jesus would just be throwing another demand, or law at her. She didn’t need that. She needed to hear the gospel.

I asked her if she went to church. She said she was Catholic and hadn’t been in church for about 40 years.

I told her that she might want to go back and receive Communion and hear the promises of God again.

She said that she thought it was too late and I assured her that it was not.

I didn’t try to sell Lutheranism to her. What would be the point in that at this stage of the game?

Please pray for Marie…and my Mom.


Thank you.