The Promise, Predestination, and Christian Encouragement














All out of Steven Paulson’s, “Lutheran Theology“.

Join Pastor Mark as he unpacks these key themes in his latest class on Paulson’s book:

 > The Promise, Predestination, and Christian Encouragement


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Do NOT miss this discussion of “free-will”

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 Listen to > So-called, “free-will”

It’s connected to Chapter 10 in Paulson’s book.






3 Kinds of Freedom. Two are not the Christian type.



Here’s another one that may shake you up. It’s radical stuff and no matter how many times I hear it the Old Adam in me just won’t buy it (that’s why I need to hear it again and again and again – we can’t live today on yesterday’s faith) :

 Listen to > Chapter 8, Paulson’s book (Freedom from Law)


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