“If it is for this life only that we have hoped we are the most to be pitied.”

This world is terrific!      This world stinks!

It is both, is it not?

Well, let’s clean it up and make it into what it ought to be!  The way it used to be until mankind messed it up.  

This world and everything in it is passing away.  This world and everything in it is caught in sin and death.  God’s judgment is upon this world and everything in it.  We (believers) know that we cannot save it.  Well, some of us know that.

So we throw all our eggs into the next world, right?


We still have to live here.  This world is a gift from God.  We ought take care of it, and everything in it (including those scummy neighbors of ours).

We have a duty to do so.  But that duty does not supplant our knowledge (obtained from scripture and common reason) that this world is not the be all and end all of God’s Kingdom.

There is another world, a new one, that our Lord intends on bringing. We are a part of that New Kingdom already. Living within us is the Lord and Ruler of that New Kingdom.

So we are free to do whatever we can for His New Kingdom.We can announce the One who died for us and forgives us, and who bring His New Kingdom. We can attempt to spread the Good News of His gospel!

And we are free to work for justice and peace in this world. We are free to protect our families and neighbors from the tyranny of evil, knowing full well that only when the Son of Man returns with His Holy angels will there be everlasting peace and justice. 

 Or, maybe you think I’m  wrong. Do you think that this world can be salvaged?