Is it true that non-denominational churches are really Southern Baptist?

Yes.Picture 79516

Non-denominational churches define themselves from what they are against…traditional religion. That’s fine. No problem there. If you don’t like tradional religion that is your prerogitive.

But then, what is it that defines who you are?  What do you believe in?

Non-denominational churches (for the most part) are’free will’ ‘decision theology’ biblical fundamentalists. Their theology is Southern Baptist.

So if their theology is Southern Baptist, then why not call yourselves Southern Baptists? Back to square one. They don’t like tradional religion and do not want to be identified with such even though their beliefs and practices almost mirror their ‘mother denonimation’.

In this day and age where folks don’t like “church”, they remake their image into something that is more palatable to the culture. No vestments, no candles, no altar, sometimes no crosses, often times no traditional church buildings.

Instead, there is often a ‘stage’, with stage lighting and rock band instruments. A casually attired pastor, big screens and awesome sound systems.

Yeah, so what? What’s the problem?

No problem.  Just a little information. Many people that attend worship services at non-denominatiol churches do not realize that they are practicing a Southern Baptist theology, so I just thought I’d fill them in.

Do you think it’s wrong for me to do so? What is there to gain by letting these folks know from where they get their understanding of the Christian life?  What is there to lose?


     – Steve Martin