The Faith Toolbox series

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Here’s the last class on a ‘Lutheran Piety’ from this past Sunday:






click here > Lutheran Piety – class #3


Pastor Mark gives an overview and wraps things up very nicely.

This is probably the closest Pastor Mark will ever come to a ‘how-to’ talk about the Christian faith.

There’s some good comments from some of the folks in the class explaining how this Lutheran view of the Christian faith was inside of them all along…even while members of another Christian denomination.


It’s a very good class.




Thank you, Pastor Mark.

And thanks to flickr and memphisslim, for the photo.





5 Point Lutheranism (part 2)

Luther's Rose by TFR - Jen

Points 4 and 5 are discussed here, and then a wrap up.







click here > 5 Point Lutheranism (part 2)

(This mp3 audio is a lot shorter than part 1)





Thanks again, Pastor Mark, and thanks to flickr and TRF-Jen, for the photo of Luther’s Rose.




‘5 point Lutheranism’

Luther's Rose by Terrible_Swede

Or…”a  Lutheran Piety”.

Join Pastor Mark for the first in a 3 part series on ‘The Faith Toolbox’.

In this first class, Pastor Mark outlines  the 5 key points to ‘a Lutheran Piety’.



click here     The Lutheran  Understanding the Christian Life  (Part 1)

Points 1 – 3 are covered in this installment. Points 4 and 5 will be covered in part 2.



 Thanks Pastor Mark!

And thanks to flickr, and Terrible_Swede, for the photo of Luther’s Rose.