“The idea of “free-will” is blasphemous”

That’s right.

 It is not biblical, and it places the human being’s will over and above the will of the Living God.


click here> The idea of “free-will” is blasphemous


The quote is by Gerhard Forde. No doubt many others have said as much, and Pastor Mark is in their number.




Thanks, Pastor Mark.
And thanks to flickr and World Missions Clipart, for the photo.

How can we know God’s will with respect to what we pray for?

Praying-Hands by johnhanscom

It’s not always easy to know.


Listen in on the second midweek Advent sermon as Pastor Mark speaks about prayer and God’s will for us:







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Thanks to Pastor Mark Anderson of Lutheran Church of the Master, Corona del Mar, CA http://www.lightofthemaster.com/
And thanks to flickr and johnhanscom, for the photo.

You are invited

Fourth Sunday in Advent by VickyvS

Mid-Week Advent Candlelight Prayer Service

Wednesdays during Advent, begining November 30, 6PM

Join us for a time of quiet devotion and contemplation that counteracts the busyness of the season and underscores the Advent themes of hope and expectation. Our service will use the order for Evening Prayer.

 This is a simple service with readings, prayers, candles, and singing. On the fourth Wednesday (December 21) the service will include the laying on of hands for those who desire personal healing prayer.


You are invited and welcome!





Thanks to flickr and VickyvS, for the photo.