“Jesus didn’t come to make your life more comfortable.”

Not primarily.


The Lord does comfort us in the battles of life, but He has bigger fish to fry as His primary mission.


Listen to Pastor Mark’s sermon for Sunday, August 16th,  2012:


click here > Jesus didn’t come to make your life more comfortable




Thank you, Pastor Mark.


And thanks to flickr and davewebster14, for the photo.












3 Responses

  1. “He did not come to bring comfort, He came to bring salvation.” – something that we need to be reminded of. “Prosperity” is the “good life” in this world, sadly.

    “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” – eternally not the temporary.

    Thanks for sharing, Steve! Thanks Pastor Mark!

  2. Thank you, Kebs.

    It’s a necessary distinction, lest we chase after false gospels of prosperity.

  3. We have seen that Jesus’ sinless life was necessary in order for Him to offer the sacrifice for our sins. Note how often the gospel emphasizes the importance of this sacrificial death. If we also need Jesus’ life as a substitute for our lives, where are the passages that emphasize that His life is imputed to us like these passages emphasize His death was died for us?

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