If you could just be a little more faithful, a little more serious, God will take away those rough spots in life


You can do it. Become more earnest. Understand the Scriptures better. Try harder.

God wants this for you so He will unleash His blessings for you.


Here’s Pastor Mark’s sermon for the 8th Sunday after Pentecost :


____click here > The Real Truth of the Matter


Thanks, Pastor Mark.

8 Responses

  1. Went down that path for years…couldn’t do it anymore

  2. Glad you’re out of it, Allen.

    So many are trapped in this stuff. Whether it’s the do-goodism of the left, or the pietism of the right…it’s hard to find a pulpit that is not preaching it.

    • Extremely hard to find Steve. I’m amazed at how obsessed people are with works. If you don’t list the works for them they think your against them. Being able to relax in the promises of God while in your own skin just isn’t enough. Every time I go to GC blogs I leave thinking I need to be born again again. Sometimes I can’t stand that place. Good word from Pastor Mark.

      • Mitchell,

        I know exactly how you feel. I’m trying to wean myself off of going to those sites (as much). They can drive you nuts.

        I’m thinking maybe it’s best to throw it out there, argue a bit and then agree to disagree. The Word will do what it will do.

        But sometimes it’s hard to walk away from.

  3. To gc blogs?

  4. “If you don’t list the works for them they think your against them. ”

    I have never encountered this can you explain further?

  5. Old Adam, is the Song of Songs a part of the Word?

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