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  1. The ELCA is indeed practicing democracy to determine its beliefs rather than the Word of God and the Lutheran Confessions.

  2. Wow! Interesting stuff on the site, including sample lectures. Anyone going to take advantage of the program? Surprisingly it says that lectures from our Edmonton seminary will be supplied as well.

  3. James,

    And a suspect democracy at that. They do a pretty good job of rigging the game in their favor.

  4. Brigitte,

    I hope a great many get involved with this new online seminary.

    I think I may poke my head in once in awhile.

    The seminary in Edmonton must have some top notch professors and theologians.

    I’m looking forward to hearing some of them.

  5. I reread it, it does not say “lectures”. It says “coursework” from Edmonton. So whatever that exactly entails…

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