What Lutherans think about teaching Biblical principles for living


Tony Robbins 6 by Vincent_Tan

We all know that we are to teach and preach from the Bible.

But what? There’s a lot of stuff in there.


Check this one out when you get some time:


(By the way, that is not an Evangelical prayer meeting, but an Anthony Robbins seminar)

click here > Preaching Biblical Priciples for living




Thanks to flickr and Vincent_Tan, for the photo.

Sermon by Pastor Duane Berg


Chi Rho by Leo Reynolds

Pastor Mark is away on vacation and Pastor Duane Berg has graciously filled in for him for the last 3 weeks.

Here’s Pastor Berg’s sermon for the 5th Sunday in Easter:


click here > The 5th Sunday in Easter


Thanks, Pastor Berg!

And thanks to flickr and Leo Reynolds, for the photo.