“Religious Noise?”

DP Reading Phone Books Close Up by bricomedy

Why is teaching correct Christian Doctrine so important?

Listen in on this class for some good discussion on the topic.





click here >The Importance of Proper Doctrine


One of the questions Pastor Mark asks of the class is “why can’t we just read the phonebook in church?”



Thank you, Pastor Mark.

And thanks to flickr and bricomedy, for the photo.




3 Responses

  1. The phone book would be wayyyy too boring. But I’ll have to give pastor Mark a listen to see why he picked that question. Blessings!

  2. It is boring.

    So is a sermon on ‘how to do’ the Christian life.

    I don’t need a tune up.

    I need to be killed off. (again)

    And then I need to be raised again.

    Now…that’s NOT boring.

    To some of us, anyway.

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