The Roman Catholic view of ‘faith’ vs. the Lutheran view of ‘faith’

The full class is now posted (below) in mp3. 

St Peter's Basillica , Rome by James Mans                  

 The actual class starts about 5 min. into #1 (thanks to my Christian brother Brent’s lengthy questions)  😀

Views on ‘faith’ #1          Views on ‘faith’ #6

Views on ‘faith’ #2          Views on ‘faith’ #7

Views on ‘faith’ #3          Views on ‘faith’ #8

Views on ‘faith’ #4          Views on ‘faith’ #9

Views on ‘faith’ #5

Views of ‘faith’ – the entire class


I should have titled them Views of ‘faith’, but it’s late and I’m not going to fix it now.


Thanks to Pastor Mark Anderson.

And to flickr and James Mans,  for the photo.


4 Responses

  1. Hey, Old Adam, thanks as always for your witness. I know there is a lot of work behind the scenes, and those who have been called appreciated it! Eric

  2. Old Adam,

    I look forward to listening! From your blog, I downloaded pastor Mark’s lecture entitled “Re-baptism,” where he explained the anabaptist view of faith and compared it with the Lutheran position. I look forward to seeing how these messages add to the comparison.

    As it seems to me (as the Pastor pointed out in the re-baptism lecture), the radical anabaptists were insistent upon making faith a “commitment of the will,” that was based upon a subjective epistemology. In other words, they knew that they were saved because they “felt saved” after they “made a faith committment.” This is in clear distinction to a pure passive (aka- Luther’s view).

    Anyways, thanks for this. I look forward to listening.



  3. Jared,

    I think you have it exactly right!

    Glad you’re enjoying Pastor Mark’s teaching, my friend. And we always appreciate your insights.

    Thanks, Jared!

    – Steve (the Old Adam)

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