Seeking to figure out the truth.

I am going to ask a question of all my friends (and others, if you prefer) out there in the blogesphere, that I can’t seem to figure out. question

I mean it. I really do want to understand the position of the advocates of the 3rd use of the law. So I ask this question in all earnestness, and with no ill will… just a desire to work this out in my own mind.

Here goes:

‘What benefit has the 3rd use of the law (preached to, or directed at you , either personally or as a believer in the pew) brought to your own personal life as a Christian?’

I will try and relate how the hearing of the law has affected me, being presented in only two uses, and see where the diferences and similarities might be.

Thanks for going along with me on this one.

                           – Steve M.