Get back to work !

Summertime is the usual time of the year for Americans to go on vacation. A well needed rest. A time to forget the cares of one’s life and get out of the mundane. A time to envision dreams and experience, if even for a little while, what it might be like to live without the demands that our existence places upon us.

Could you imagine looking out from your balcony aboard a luxury cruiselineSunset Silhouetter at the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen, while sipping champagne and eating crab cakes as the beautiful blue ocean glides past and gently spashes the sides of the ship and then a voice from the loudspeaker comes on and says, “Don’t forget, you have to go back to work on Monday!”

That voice on the loudspeaker is the same voice that loves to quote from the Book of James. “But you just can’t live any way you want!” “Faith without works is dead.” “Get back to work.”

The law demands that we get back to work…and right now! The gospel promises us champagne and crab cakes…forever!

Can you actually feel the voice of the law as it does it’s number on you? Does the voice of the law give you comfort in it’s direction and demand?  What happens to you when you hear the libertating promises of the gospel?

Now…get back to work!