“I Believe that I Cannot Believe…”


Can one come to believe in God by his or her own strength, effort, will, or reason?

Can you size Him up and make a decision for Him? Can you choose to make Him your ‘personal Lord and Savior’?


Find out what Luther said about it, here: 

click here>  Strength-and-Effort-to-choose-Jesus


 ( it starts out a little fuzzy but clears up after 15 seconds – if you can give this one 10 minutes of your time, you will not regret it )  


5 Responses

  1. This is what many miss as the true bondage of the will as opposed to “total depravity”, which is still thoroughly synergistic.

    And not only can we NOT make ourselves believe for ourselves, we cannot have an object to believe in lest the “pro me” of the Gospel says “for you” in particular. THAT is where faith arises.

    And still the old Adam wishes to say under the guise of humility, “I still cannot believe it”.

  2. I know that I cannot believe it …on my own. He makes me a believer. And He constantly makes me a believer because that Old Adam WANTS to be a disbeliever.

    Thanks, Larry!

  3. Thanks for this. What a great message. It creates a deep well of gratitiude and humility.

  4. Thank you, Bill. I’m so glad that you feel that way about the message.

    It’s my favorite sermon, and so often people don’t think much of it.

    I guess that’s the way it goes. 😀

    Take care, my friend, and thanks for stopping by. You are always welcome.

    – Steve

  5. […]  >>> Luther’s-explanation-to-the-3rd-article-of-The-Apostle’s-Creed […]

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