Pastor’s class tidbits

Well, I thought I had it down (this audio thing)…but I don’t.

Click on these things and see what happens.

 I’m sure there is something here you can use. 

Track  8  is my favorite here.   How’s ’bout you?

Number 8 by Devon Henderson

  05 Track 5  

 06 Track 6

 07 Track 7 

 08 Track 8

10 Track 10



The Two Christian Paradigms

I’m still trying to get audio from my computer onto this blog.

Let’s see if this worked:


         click here  >  The Two Christian Paradigms    a sermon by         Pastor Mark    

 chocolate & vanilla vegan coconut cupcake by you can count on me

 Can you get it on your computer? All these different media players and audio uploading thingamabobs drive me nuts!

Let me know if it works (or not), please.  Thanks.