‘The Lutheran Difference’ ( a repost )


This class is on ‘ The Lutheran Difference’.  Pastor Mark is teaching from and expounding on a piece written by the late Dr. George Forell.

Dr. Forell maintained that there were three main differences that distinguished Lutherans from almost all other Christian denominations.




Listen in to hear what these 3 differences are:

         click here>  Three distinct differences in Lutheranism


Dr. Forell just recently went to be with the Lord, April 29th, 2011.



Thanks to flickr and elcaarchives, for the photo.


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  1. This sermon meets with my very applause, Pastor Mark.
    The distinction between the Law and the Gospel actually is a difficult thing throughout all kinds of churches. Even evangelical congregations often begin with the Gospel and continue with the Law such as the Galatians did. From my own experience I know that it’s impossible to shake off this legalism slavery but for Christ’s intervention.
    It is very liberating to be a Christian who may have faith in the Gospel.
    “Simul iustus et peccator”, that is so true of our whole life on earth.

    Thanks for posting it, Steve.

    Modest remark at the sidelines: Today’s photo above is not as colorful as the Christmas illustration was (just kidding!).

  2. Thanks, Susanne.

    I guess the Lord can break through legalism and other forms of self-centered “Christianity”. When He wants someone, I’m pretty sure He will get them.

    But, as St. Paul said, “There is a more excellent way.”

    We believe that the freedom that Christ has won for us is too valuable to fetter away on self-absorbed religiosity.


    I wonder if we could see a photo of Dr. Forell, as he is today with his new body in Heaven, if it would be filled with color…

    Maybe! I guess we’ll find out, by God’s grace, in the not-too distant future.

  3. I think some of your readers may well enjoy Stephen Paulson’s recent book on Lutheran Theology.
    To quote:
    “Lutheran theology begins perversely by advocating the destruction of all that is good, right, and beautiful in human life. It attacks the lowest and the highest goals of life, especially morality, no matter how sincere are its practitioners. Luther said the “sum and substance,” of Paul’s letter to the Romans “is to pull down, to pluck up, and to destroy all wisdom and righteousness of the flesh.”
    Recently reviewed on Mockingbird, it was noted that “Lutheran theology is the theology of Paul”, and this book seeks to open this truth by working through the letter to the Romans in the company of Luther’s own faith and works.

    Sounds like good material for 2012!

  4. Thanks for the heads-up, Howard.

    It sounds like a book that is well worth the read.

    I have always thought that St. Paul would be a Lutheran if he were around today. Luther was parroting just about everything that Paul said.

  5. Susanne,
    Welcome (belatedly) to Steve’e blog. He is a warrior for the Gospel, to be sure!

    Blessings to you in the new year.

    • Thanks for welcoming me personally, Pastor Mark!

      Verily, Steve is a convincing warrior for the Gospel. Moreover, he is always polite and friendly to other commentators. Both observations left a lasting impression on me and for that reason I decided to “check in” here at this blog.

      God’s abundant blessings in 2012 to you and your family.

      May your inspirational ministry be blessed furthermore

  6. Hi Steve, I just came back from a walk and listened to the above message. In brief, I cannot express what it evokes in me other than to say that at my almost 65 years Pastor Mark teaches the Gospel unlike any other living man I have heard. I love your site and agree with Susanne…you maintain it very graciously.

  7. Mary,

    I happen to agree with you. Pastor Mark has a real gift for preaching and teaching the gospel. He says that “he is just an underline of the Word”. I thank God that that underline is so bold, and so clear.

    Thanks for the kind words and the encouragement, Mary.

    God bless you.

  8. Mary,

    Just curious, Mary… where abouts do you live? (if you don’t mind saying)

    • I am the lady who lives in Canby, Or, just south of Portland. Any Lutheran friends up my way?? I don’t have a church at present (a particular “wrinkle” around that too) but I surely have been loving the Gospel as presented “Lutheran”.

  9. May I ask a question? Is your church LCMS? I have thought not although after watching a video by Jim Nestingen (sp?) I thought your blog reflected ELCA but very unhappy with certain changes? I have lots of questions. smile.

  10. Canby, Oregon! That’s right. Forgive me, Mary. Sometimes I forget my own name. Your Ducks just won the Rose Bowl yesterday.

    We are officially ELCA. But you are right, we are not too happy with where they have gone (they haved moved, not us). We are looking at affiliating with one of the newer, more centerist Lutheran denominations such as LCMC (Lutheran Churches in Mission for Christ), or NALC (North American Lutheran Churches).

    We love questions, so shoot them our way, anytime.

    We might not have all the answers, but we’ll do our best.

    Have a Happy New Year, Mary!

    – Steve

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